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Jennifer Stuart-Dixon
Treasurer - CAAH

Dr. Stuart-Dixon graduated with a master’s degree in counselling from the University of Florida in 1994 and began her work in Jamaica in the Psychiatric ward, of the Cornwall Regional Hospital.  She moved to Kingston where she worked at the University of Technology Jamaica offering psychotherapeutic services to students.  Dr. Dixon then returned to academia to pursue her Doctorate in Psychotherapy, researching Sexual -decision-making influences among pre-adolescent girls in Jamaica as their HIV contraction rates increased.  To accomplish this, she enrolled in Metanoia Psychotherapy Institute which validates their doctoral programme through Middlesex University in London. 


Upon her return to Jamaica in 2000, Dr. Dixon began offering her service as an individual and group therapist and psychology lecturer.  She also embarked on a career as an independent development consultant.   Dr. Dixon is presently a trained Psychotherapist Consultant and Clinical Supervisor who focuses, on trauma and gender-based violence which are important and prevalent mental health issues in the community.  


She has been recognized for her work with adolescents and young adults, providing individual and group therapy, and teaching for the Loss Grief and Trauma Management postgraduate programme offered by the Department of Child and Adolescent Health, Faculty of Medical Sciences at the University of West Indies. Throughout all these trajectories, Dr. Stuart-Dixon weaves the intersectionalities of mental health and wellness into all the sub-sections emphasizing the importance of viewing public health issues through a trauma lens.    


Dr. Stuart-Dixon is a founding member of the Caribbean Association of Adolescent Health.

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