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Resources For Parents & Adolescents

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Parenting the Adolescent

Adolescents need to be heard and truly seen. They must be heard if we are to protect them and have a positive impact on their future.    Not only do they need to be heard but we need to work hard to foster a relationship with them that facilitates their sharing. 


Parenting Through My Daughters’ Eyes

Parenting adolescents, I have learnt, begins from birth. My two beautiful and radiant daughters have been ‘schooling’ me about how to nurture healthy adolescents, what I did well and where I missed the mark.Many great lessons, ‘through my daughters’ eyes’.


 Understanding The Impact of Childhood Trauma on Adolescents

: Childhood is often portrayed as a time of innocence and carefree joy. However, for many adolescents, their early years may be marred by experiences of trauma. The aim of this article is to delve into the profound implications of childhood trauma on the health and wellbeing of adolescents and their community .

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